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In the beginning…

I’m very excited to start a blog, my hope for it is that it will provide a space for me, and hopefully others, to talk about aspects of everyday life which we find interesting.

I try my best to look at the world analytically, not in a negative sense, but in a reflexive sense. Despite studying sociology for the past 3 years of my undergraduate career, and 2 years before that, I still have yet to decide for myself what I want to do with the knowledge I’ve gained.

That is to say, what action should sociology take from the knowledge it acquires and what action should I take, as a sociologist, when I approach different phenomena. Is it my place to break down gender roles from my epistemological position, or should I take a step back and try my best to understand it?


Nevertheless, I have always believed that taking the time to thoroughly describe and analyze an issue reflexively is one of the best forms of action one can take to break down ignorance. I’m sure that if everyone would do that on a day to day basis then the world would be a much more understanding place.